EIT is a solution-oriented, dynamic indigenous Technology service provider, which is wholly owned and
airbus-satellitemanaged by Nigerian professionals from diverse engineering and IT backgrounds, with a value for quality service delivery.  Established in September 1997, the company commenced operations in 1998 focusing on delivering high value, enterprise solutions to the high-end business market, with initial focus on the Banking and Financial sector and a long-term objective of diversifying this to other business areas.

The depth of professional experiences within EIT today spans in excess of 100 cognate years in the sales, management and support of IT solutions to diverse market segments of the Nigerian economy.

As customers become more sophisticated in their business practices and demands, the competition for valuable information grows keener for organisations.

We at EIT recognize these market dynamics and have strategically positioned ourselves with the right collaborative partnerships to fully exploit the potential opportunities thereof.  We have therefore chosen our products and services to migrate transparently but in parallel with emerging technologies.

While recognizing the vast potentials of the Nigerian Technology market, EIT also recognizes global technology industry dynamics and the benefits of specialization in service delivery. Hence, consistent with the company’s defined vision, EIT has continued to evolve in response to dictates of our market base and the appropriate technologies necessary to deliver our clients’ defined business expectations.

acousticwarningdeviceThus, the company has evolved operations, structures and strategies to grow resources and skills in the emerging solutions spectra beyond the initial technology focus around Banking & Financial software to the complementary Security, Infrastructure, Process Automation and Storage systems. This evolving structure has better adapted the company to expand our markets into new sectors today without divesting our commitments to our clients, and is designed to deliver the company well into the future.

Today, EIT is gradually growing a customer base into new sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Defence and Security, telecoms, utilities and the Government/Public Services where the company is currently involved in the design and delivery of Customer-centric solutions.