Our Solutions span across a wide variety of sectors.
We deter, monitor and protect Networks, Facilities and Nodes.

Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft is built on the solid foundations of our expertise in military and transportation aircraft. Through the excellence of our products, we strive to have a significant effect on the future of peace and security. Read more

Space Systems

With cutting-edge design, production and test capabilities, Space Systems possesses expertise in all the key skills and technologies required for designing, developing and operating major space systems: from launchers to the in-orbit delivery of satellites, planetary and deep-space missions and International Space Station activities Read more

Communications, Intelligence & Security

The business line Communications, Intelligence & Security is the new one-stop-shop for satellite and terrestrial communications systems, intelligence and security solutions. Read more


Electronics designs, develops and delivers premium quality electronic components and products. This business line makes products that work in any environment, from land to space, and offers a competitive portfolio to the global market. Read more


Our unique wireless SENSORCORE™ smart sensoring system has been designed, tested and approved by the UK and USA governments to deliver the highest level of performance in the most hostile operating environments. SENSORCORE’s multipurpose security and safety applications will protect your critical infrastructure such as water, electricity, oil & gas, chemical, transport, telecommunications, borders and defense. Read more

Asset Tracking Systems

Our Asset Tracking Systems (ATS) tag high value equipment such as computers, monitors, scopes, kits, wheelchairs, and instruments that are unaccounted for or disappear from hospitals, schools and other buildings. Read more

Human Body Sensoring Systems

Our Human Body Sensoring Systems (HBSS) protect critical infrastructure and mitigate vandalism at storage tanks, wind farms, electricity substations, utility poles, oil rigs, container terminals, generators and telecom towers by detecting human presence on poles, platforms, gangways, chambers, cages, ladders, pylons and gantries. Read more

CBRNE Detection Systems

Our CBRNE Detection Systems (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive) protect critical national infrastructure – electricity generators, water treatment, oil fields, gas pipelines, port facilities and tunnels – by detecting accidental or deliberate safety and security related incidents involving pollutants, toxins, gases, smoke, poisons, gunshots or explosions. Read more

Intrusion Detection Systems

Our Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) protect critical infrastructure – electricity substations, water reservoirs, diesel tanks, oil rigs, gas pipelines, container terminals, telecom towers – by detecting interference with, or intrusion into, access points such as vertical doors, access doors and hatches, tank lids, covers and gates. Read more

Leak Detection Systems

Our Leak Detection Systems (LDS) combine a conventional mass balance system with innovative, proprietary rarefaction leak detection. Together, these patented technologies comprise the most comprehensive and cost-effective pipeline leak detection system available. Read more

Overhead Line Monitoring Systems

Our Overhead Line Monitoring Systems (OHLMS) monitor the integrity of overhead conductors and poles used to distribute electricity. Scalable across vast distances, the OHLMS reduces exposure of both public and operators to danger, whilst improving standards of distribution performance with a faster response to attend the site. Read more

Manhole Monitoring Systems

Our Manhole Monitoring Systems (MMS) secure manholes, chambers, vaults, cabinets, kiosks and bunkers from intrusion, theft and vandalism. In addition to security, the built-in SENSORCORE™ platform can enable flood warning and other safety, environmental and quality monitoring. Read more

Zone Monitoring Systems

Our Zone Monitoring Systems (ZMS) isolate certain areas such as rooms, corridors, floors, wings and basements of buildings such as hospitals and schools. The ZMS produces a verified alarm on unauthorized entry whilst allowing access to persons carrying an authorized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag. The verified alarms are achieved using people-counting sensors in conjunction with the RFID tags. Read more


Alarm transmission options for IDS, MMS, HBSS, LDS, OHLMS, CBRNE and other products include: Direct connection to legacy alarm transmission systems such as SCADA telemetry using dry-contact relays; GSM/SMS alarm messages forwarded to SMS receiving units or nominated security personnel; Grade 4, monitored, dual path alarm transmission using IP, PSTN, GPRS and satellite communication paths Read more

Geospatial Data/Information Solutions

Geospatial data powers many aspects of everyday life from personal in-car navigation devices to air traffic control and collecting taxes. Whether one is are aware of it or not, mapping data is very pervasive in society.Read more