Some of our services across the solutions and applications include:

System Design
Services related to the detailed design of system instrumentation and electrical design include the following documents: Panel drawings, Details of acoustic sensor installation and interconnection, Network diagram, Data-book from the Project with all documentation.

Field Services
The field services for optimized system operation include: Assembly and SRS interconnection, Assembly and communication cable interconnection, panels power supply, system communication and antennas, SRU local configuration, Leak simulation tests to record background noise from the pipeline, that will be used in the filters configuration and to adjust the parameters that will define the normal pipeline operation, Development of new filters if necessary,  Adjustment of the system configuration parameters on the control monitoring station installed in the leak detection station, Integration of the supervisory system to the Customer system.

The commissioning consists of the services described, with leak tests on the line in order to record the pipeline signature and subsequently configuration of the optimized system operation.

System Configuration
The ILDS system is configured during the commissioning and after the final system configuration, the System Manual (1 soft copy and 1 hard copy) will be provided to the Customer.

Operation and Maintenance Training
Presentation of technology, theory of operation and involved concepts; Presentation of the application project; Resources, system performance, potential for possible upgrade; ILDS operation – operator and engineering screens, with functions and resources details; Communication System – applicability to the ILDS, resources and care; Installation, configuration and commissioning; Field acceptance tests (FAT) with leak simulations; Details of simulation tests system, Diagnostics and maintenance in the system, sensors, remote units (SRU), Antennas, etc.; Maintenance routines (cables, valves, blocking, antennas, etc.); Maintenance and parameterization of replaced SRU, measures for possible needs for modifications (introduction of the control valves in pipeline, derivations, etc.);

Maintenance Services
In addition or substitute to the Customer’s own maintenance of the ILDS, CNIguard offers an independent service to: Annual simulation tests of the ILDS, Annual diagnostics on sensors, SRU, antennas, cameras, etc.; Annual check of cables, valves, antennas, panels, etc.; Annual replacement of camera cooler unit and laser range finder; Reconfiguration of ILDS due to refurbishment of pipeline, control valves, etc.

Monitoring Services
In addition or substitute to the Customer’s own monitoring of its CMS, CNIguard offers an independent service to:
Track ILDS performance; Monitor cameras; Alert Customer nominated parties of leak, intrusion, video alarms; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; Secure alarm receiving centre.